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The Company

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The Web Artists (TWA), a division of UNM VENTURES, is a global web design, development hosting firm located in Lucknow & Noida, India. Our goal is to transform your concepts into tangible realities, whether they be in the form of a simple informational website or a dynamic online store. We offer affordable rates and professional, personalized services from start to finish.

Since 1998, thousands of our customers have realized success and achieved their goals. Our approach is simple: Build extensive expertise in web development, staying abreast of new technologies and tools, and stay focused on our clients’ needs. TWA was founded on the principle that we would always maintain customer service as our highest priority. TWA uses proven SEO techniques to rank client sites in more top positions than anyone in the business.

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JavaScript, JS,


Corel Draw

Adobe Photoshop

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Co-Founder & CEO


Umang’s association with The Web Artists began as a Co-Founder. He assisted the company with operations, corporate strategy, marketing and business development. Now, as CEO he has narrowed his focus to corporate strategy, business development activity, channel partnership appointments.



Varun’s associtation with The Web Artists began as a Co-Founder. He assisted the company by giving it this name, providing marketing strategy, providing supports on business development. A dedicated debater, Varun does not require sleep or sustenance beyond an occasional nap and protein bar.



Neeti took on responsibilities in August 2004 following almost a decade of consulting with her own Interior Designing firm. Her experience includes extensive work in online consumer services, and Internet Advertising markets. Neeti holds a Master’s Degree in Commerce.